Stephen Baxter established the firm in March of 2001 in Wake Forest as Stephen T. Baxter, Architect. Joe Armistead joined the firm, as a principal and registered architect, in January of 2003. The firm changed its name to Baxter Armistead Architecture, PC and became incorporated in April of 2003.

The firm’s principals are long time friends and residents of the Wake Forest area, attending high school together in Wake Forest and roommates while completing their undergraduate studies at The University of North Carolina at Charlotte. The two principals have a long standing relationship and look to continue their architectural growth and practice throughout the state of North Carolina and into the Southeastern United States.


The firm offers master planning, architectural design, construction administration and architectural rendering. We offer a wide range of experience in the fields of public and private schools, commercial retail / office, religious facilities, healthcare, industrial, manufacturing, restaurant design, municipal and residential buildings.


As architects the majority of our projects are produced using a team approach. A good quality final product will be the result of a well detailed and coordinated set of drawings, specifications and close observation of the construction proceedings. It is crucial to being a good architect to ensure all of these aspects are successful throughout the various phases of the project process. We have established relationships with consultants in all disciplines. We are comfortable with the role of lead designer and coordinating all consultant work to produce a cohesive design. We provide a team approach and promote full interaction with all disciplines. The client is a vital member of the team. We approach each project with a listening session first. We must first hear what our client’s needs are before we are able to offer a viable solution. Each member of the team is vital to the success of a project and as such is attentive to detail and provides coordination among all disciplines.


Registered Architectural Corporation
– North Carolina, 2003 – Virginia, 2006 – South Carolina, 2009 – Pennsylvania, 2012
Stephen T. Baxter
– Pre-Engineering, 1985-1986, Louisburg College
– Bachelor of Arts in Architecture, 1991, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
– Bachelor of Architecture, 1994, North Carolina State University
– AIA Licensed North Carolina Architect, 2001 – Licensed Virginia Architect, 2006
– American Institute of Architects (AIA), 2004 – General Contractor, North Carolina, 1995
Joe Armistead
– Bachelor of Arts in Architecture,, 1993, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
– Bachelor of Architecture, 1999, North Carolina State University
– AIA Licensed North Carolina Architect, 2003 – Licensed Virginia Architect, 2006 – Licensed Pennsylvania Architect, 2011
– American Institute of Architects (AIA), 2003
Christopher Patrick
– Bachelor of Environmental Design, 1986, North Carolina State University
– Bachelor of Architecture, 1989, North Carolina State University
– Licensed North Carolina Architect, 1991 – Licensed Delaware Architect, 1998 – Licensed Virginia Architect, 1999
– Licensed Maryland Architect, 2000 – Licensed South Carolina Architect, 2001 – Licensed Florida Architect, 2005